Wednesday, 29 January 2014


(c) John Mayer


'tis the green hills of Ireland that call me home
for they hold the footsteps of my past.
They protect the very souls of my ancestors
the essence of my being, my Mother's family.
She so longed to visit the land she called home
to feel the mists upon her face
and the wind in her hair.
She longed to walk the lanes her Mother did
as a young girl growing up in Clare..
to hear the laughter and the songs
the brogue that sweetens the very air.
She dreamt of peat burning in the hearth..
family she never knew, welcoming Biddy's girl.
She wanted to tell them her Mam never forgot
and that she was happy in her new land she called home…
that she and her sister, Molly, kept the old stories alive
that they sang the songs of their birthplace…
But it wasn't to be, my Mother left us too soon 
as her Mother had left her.
I will go home for you, my dear Mother
home to the green hills of Ireland you loved to call home.

 © Crissouli Jan 2014


  1. Just beautiful Chris. When we will see a book of your poems? Thanks for sharing. Mary M

    1. Maybe one day, they would have to be self published, very hard to have poetry published these days. Thank you, Mary, glad you liked this.

  2. I agree a book of Crissouli poems would be fabulous! I can only imagine how powerful you will find it to visit Ireland and Clare in particular...the nostalgia is evident.

    1. Thank you, Pauleen.. My mother talked so often of going there, but she was in poor health by the time they could do it. Some years after her passing, my Dad and brother went for her.
      As for the book, one day...

  3. Made the tears flow. Wish I knew both sets of grandparents.

    1. I knew three of my four grandparents... my Irish grandmother died when my Mum was eleven. My paternal grandfather died when I was five, but I remember him so well and miss him to this day. Sorry to make you cry...

  4. Absolutely delightful Chris... thankyou.


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