Monday, 5 June 2017



They went 'a'wanderin', round about four
down to the 'rubbity', to have one drink, or more..
They still weren't back when we did need to go
where they had got to, we really didn't know.
The children went one way, we went t'other
but still couldn't see them, this man, and his brother..
A cranky wife was hopping, first one foot then the next
she said she wasn't worried, but she really seemed quite vexed.
Then the two of them came back again, each with a sheepish grin
holding out a peace offering, that one of them did win.
"Pity I didn't win one" the tall bloke was heard to say
"I tried very hard to do so, but luck was not my way."
They stood, both still grinning, like a pair of naughty boys
and just like all the Swadlings, they tried their charming ploys.
I suppose all will be forgiven, when the steak is cooked for lunch
you cannot help but love them, this bloomin' Swadling bunch!


Monday, 29 May 2017



What is it about hot water that attracts
the incessant ringing of the phone?
Have you ever noticed that all can be quiet
till that longed for cuppa is about to be poured,
or the tub is hot and foamy, 
just crying out for your aching body 
to soak in it's depth?
And what is more attractive to the jangling monster
than a freshly mopped floor,
preferably one on which you've lavished
lovely hot suds.. and have just stepped over..
always to the opposite side to the phone!

Surely then, it is only drawing a logical conclusion
to say that hot water is attracted to the telephone!

©Crissouli 1983

 Image by Pixabay

Thursday, 25 May 2017



 Sweet Jesus, hear my prayer
and take me in your arms
this pain is now more than I can bear..
Please show me the promise of your Psalms.

You promised you'd be my Shepherd
that you would lead me all the way
Please, Jesus, let me come home to rest..
let this sickness go away.

My Mummy and Daddy cry a lot
I hate to see them so very sad..
Please, Jesus, if I lived with you
Maybe they wouldn't feel so bad.

You said "Suffer little children
to come unto me.."
Jesus, please take me home again
and then I would be free.

I have no fear of Heaven..
I know it will be a warm and loving place
Let me farewell my loving family
and enter your sweet embrace.

© Crissouli April 1983

Image by Pixabay

Monday, 8 May 2017


Image by Pixabay


Softly, gently, they floated down
Shades of red and golden brown
Dancing, prancing, upon the breeze
Forming carpets with the greatest of ease.
This way, that way, over there
Till nowhere is a space to spare
Crunching, rustling beneath my feet
Piling upon the garden seat.
Crisp, fresh breezes touched my cheek
As if warmer places they did seek.
Winter can't be far away
When autumn leaves come down to play!

©Crissouli May 2007

Sunday, 7 May 2017


Image by Pixabay


Precious though it is
We take for granted
The love a child has to give.

We brush aside
Their tiny hurts and bruises
We do not see their quivering lips.

Other things take over
Adult worries multiply
Till all the world seems at war.

A child does see
Much more than you and I
For he can see the games we play.

He understands
When all seems blue
That it really isn’t so.

A little pat
A moistened smile,
The sky turns blue again… and all is well.


Friday, 17 February 2017



’twas but a simple Irish man
Paddy Hannan was his name
he’d left his home in far off Quin
to find his fortune and his fame.

First he went to Melbourne
then to New Zealand he did go
but then the call of Western Australia
was too tempting as we know.

He fossicked close to Southern Cross
with no great find at all
along with Shea and Flanagan
he answered Coolgardie’s call.

Many miners scraped the land
yet their dreams were not to be
seems success was left to others
like this lucky Irish three.

Gold, they found, some ounces..
when fossicking near a hill
they named this place Mt. Charlotte
it seemed to fit the bill.

In this dusty outback land
‘Hannan’s Find’ was all the go.
The mates had found some treasure
the riches sure did flow.

It’s now known as Kalgoorlie
close to it’s aboriginal name..
to all, not just the outback,
it’s the place of gold discovery fame.

(c) Crissouli February 14, 2017

Image courtesy of Pixabay

This verse was originally written as a Guest Post for 
Outback Family History..

Tuesday, 14 February 2017



Wilt thou be my Valentine
for now and for all time
wilt thou sup with me
of life's delights, sublime?

( Oh, quiet the children, 
they are so loud..
and how my head does ache..)

Wilt thou stay close by my side
as we traverse through life's pathways
wilt thou hold my hand in yours
through dark nights and sun kissed days?

(No, I can't, there're dishes to be done..
of course you go
you must have your fun..)

Wilt thou truly be my Valentine
we'll live such a life of dreams
wilt thou share a life of bliss
it should be ours, it seems.

(ok, then, no more Mills and Boon
I promise you, I'm sure
oh, sweetheart, that is so cute, 
a pink rose on the door..)

 (c)Crissouli 14 February, 2017

 Image by Pixabay